About Us

The NSCB was created in large part to enhance the sense of community of the Northern Suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. As such, NSCB is not a club of exclusive musicians requiring auditions and recommendations. Rather, it is a community group designed to encourage the participation of the citizens of Twin Cities metro area in the performance and enjoyment of music. The group strongly emphasizes quality through its direction, musical literature and rehearsal requirements. The band plays an assortment of concert band music, including pop tunes, marches, classic pieces, as well as some original works and medleys. Band members may also participate in any of the NSCB specialty groups including the NSCB Jazz Band. Band dues are $50 per year, payable at the first band rehearsal of the new school year. All interested adults are encouraged to attend a rehearsal. If they are interested after learning of the workings and requirements of the group, they are encouraged to join and participate.



The band rehearses Monday nights from7:30 to 9:30PM at the Coon Rapids Middle School band room.

North Suburban Concert Band
Governing Board

Term ends August 31, 2018
Vice President – Mike Willoughby
Secretary – Dave VenHuizen
Librarian – John Rowe
Membership Chair – John Lingle
Webmaster - Craig Ficks
At-Large Member – Pat Capistran

Term ends August 31, 2019
President – Jill Griffiths
Treasurer – Shirley Parozai
Publicity/Marketing Chair
 - Allie Blake
Equipment/Transportation Chair – Mark Kvamme
At-Large Member – Trisha Rustad

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